Praying For The Lost Sheep

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Louise Parker

Jesus And The Lost Sheep

Lord,  we pray for the one who is lost and can't find their way.  You have said in your word, Lord, that the Son Of Man has come to save that which is lost.  You have said also, Lord that if a man has a hundred sheep and one of them goes astray; would he leave the ninety-nine; and would he go to the mountain to look for the one that has strayed.  Your Word says, Lord that if he finds it, he should greatly rejoice.  You said that he should rejoice over the lost sheep than over the ninety-nine, that did not go astray.  We know, Lord that is is not your will that any one should go astray.  Thank you Lord for taking care of your lost sheep...IN JESUS NAME. AMEN

LUKE 15th chapter, Read Rom. 10:9 

Are you trying to believe God to save a loved one?  A relative, a spouse, a Son, a daughter, a friend?  God is faithful to save them, even if He has to wait.  Just, STAND FIRM IN YOUR FAITH...Do intercessory prayer.  Pray over them, and declare the Scriptures over them.  God will hear you, beloved!  GOD IS FAITHFUL AND HIS WORD IS ALIVE

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Letty | Reply 20.09.2016 15.08

Prayers for my brother Jose Martinez he has lost his way turned to drugs

Louise 20.09.2016 18.15

Just continue to pray for him Letty that he will come back to God. God has not left him, he is still watching over him and he loves him unconditionally.

Louise 20.09.2016 18.11

Letty we prayed for your brother and for you too. We are our brothers keeper. We will continue to pray for his salvation and his destructive ways.

Louise | Reply 31.03.2016 11.39

We are our brothers keeper. We prayed for you too, dear sister. No one is lost if they are in the Lord. Mat. 18:11, luke15:32. Speak Gods word over her.

Lillie | Reply 31.03.2016 05.33

Please pray for my sister whom has lost her way, she has ensphyillites and needs guidance. Her house is full of anger and anxiety. Her family needs strength

Louise 31.03.2016 11.29

Dear Lillie, we prayed for your sister today. May the Lord guide and keep her & her family. Thank you for your concern of your sister.

Sean | Reply 19.07.2015 06.00

Please pray for my ex fiance who ran into the arms of a very sick man who uses and manipulates her and is leading her down a horrific path and lifestyle. Her father was abusive, so I suppose "we accept the love we think we deserve"

Louise 26.09.2015 16.15

I meant when she realizes HER mistake of following him. Be safe. God will take care of the situation she's in. Be prayerful. Read psalms 138 Job 42:10

Louise 26.09.2015 16.04

Be there for her Sean when he realize her mistake. God will take care of her and you to. We will continue to pray until she returns. God will never leave her.

Louise 26.09.2015 15.59

Sean we have been praying for you & your friend. Just be a friend when she needs you. What a friend we have in Jesus. I know it hurts to see her like this.

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07.02 | 11:36

Thank You for your prayers for me. I made a mistake. I'm going to court for driving while intoxicated.

07.02 | 11:34

You and your family. Know that God loves you and want the best for you. You sound regretful and fearful. Do not fear for your Lord is with you. God is love

07.02 | 11:30

We will be prayerful on your behalf. God forgives us of all our sins, just call on the name of Jesus and you will be saved. Praying and wishing the best for

07.02 | 11:25

Dear Gabe we are praying for you today that the court will be favorable
On your behalf. Whatever the reason guilty or not God surely forgives and redeems us.

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