Praying For The Lost Sheep

Kind regards
Louise Parker

Jesus And The Lost Sheep

Lord,  we pray for the one who is lost and can't find their way.  You have said in your word, Lord, that the Son Of Man has come to save that which is lost.  You have said also, Lord that if a man has a hundred sheep and one of them goes astray; would he leave the ninety-nine; and would he go to the mountain to look for the one that has strayed.  Your Word says, Lord that if he finds it, he should greatly rejoice.  You said that he should rejoice over the lost sheep than over the ninety-nine, that did not go astray.  We know, Lord that is is not your will that any one should go astray.  Thank you Lord for taking care of your lost sheep...IN JESUS NAME. AMEN

LUKE 15th chapter, Read Rom. 10:9 

Are you trying to believe God to save a loved one?  A relative, a spouse, a Son, a daughter, a friend?  God is faithful to save them, even if He has to wait.  Just, STAND FIRM IN YOUR FAITH...Do intercessory prayer.  Pray over them, and declare the Scriptures over them.  God will hear you, beloved!  GOD IS FAITHFUL AND HIS WORD IS ALIVE

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FRANZ | Reply 26.02.2020 13.31

I am praying for somebody I know who lost his way due to ambitious of building a hospital however he has a good intention but his act to make it is undesirable

Faith Gibson | Reply 05.07.2019 16.24

oh my....what a beautiful and meaningful prayer. thank you. I have a special person to pray over and truly believe in the power of prayer and God's promises.

Nikki | Reply 01.10.2018 12.14

I am praying for my young daughter who has lost her way. She is in a dangerous situation that she cannot see because she is so close.

Louise 01.10.2018 16.27

Please read these scriptures: Hebrews 11:1, rom.15:13, Prov. 3:5, Phil.4:6 & Rom. 8:16 to be encouraged and have hope while you wait on

Louise 01.10.2018 16.12

We are praying for your daughter and ask God to take care of her. We are
Praying he will guide her back home again. Jesus died for lost souls. Keep
The faith

Miriam | Reply 25.11.2017 10.45

Prayer for myself for i feel lost afraid and insecure... I want to find Jesus. Don’t know how I’m lost pleaSe help me

Carolyn Rennie | Reply 08.11.2017 12.26

Thank you....

Abigail | Reply 25.05.2017 14.45

Prayer for my husband who has lost his way.

Abigail 26.05.2017 11.27

Thank you Louise. God bless you

Louise 25.05.2017 16.06

Abigail we are praying for your husband too. Prayer really really works. You keep on praying too. Thank you for praying for Sasha too. God be with you dear

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07.10 | 22:16

Amen and praise The Lord!! Pls pls pray for me to become The Virtuous woman I've been praying and so so badly want to become overnight RIGHT NOW in Jesus Name!!

06.08 | 10:38

I love yall..

05.08 | 14:30

I wouldn't be who I am nor where I am today if it had not been for you. I love you Rev. Kathy Lynn Kennedy Tucker!

26.02 | 13:31

I am praying for somebody I know who lost his way due to ambitious of building a hospital however he has a good intention but his act to make it is undesirable

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