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Rosa Hall asked For Prayer For Her Dialysis-WE PRAYED TODAY 6/11/2012

Zereata Traylor-Hickerson asked for prayer-  WE PRAYED TODAY 6/12/2012

The Robinson Family asking for prayer for the lost of their mother-WE PRAYED  6/14/2012

Linda Chambers has asked for Prayer  6-21-12

Please pray for Keithian Cooper. He is having problems with his liver and they say he might need a liver transplant, but we know the power of God!! Let us join together in prayer for my nephew. He is in a fight for his health. Call all the prayer warriors you know!!!!

We prayed for Keithian Cooper 9-20-12

We prayed for Kathy and her husband, who needed prayer about their health and finance.  We also prayed for their son Bryan, for guidance.  10-12-2012

From Kathy Tucker, prayer answered:

Thank you and everyone who prayed for me.  God granted the answer to my health issue, that I asked for prayer for.  He did not hesitate He answered right away.  Do not tell me that God do not answer prayer, because he does!  Thanks again for your prayers for me and my family.


Keithian Cooper passed away after a battle with His liver and other complications.   Thank you all for your prayers.  God has spoken and we say amen, amen.  Keep praying for the family.


We prayed for Keijo Sweden today.  2-7-2013. Thank you for visiting our web page.  God bless and keep you, always God bless you.  Accept Christ In your life, today.

God bless you too, Angel.  You are not alone.  We are praying for you.  Remember,  God is always with you.  Talk to him.  He is your friend, too, so are we. Talk anytime...April 2, 2013


  We prayed for a woman whose husband left her after 35 years.  She is feeling lonely and she is having trouble with her finance.  Please pray for her too.  Her name is Suzann.  July 30, 2013-prayed.  Accept Christ in your life, today.


Chris thanks for coming to and reading our web page.  We pray for everyone because we all need prayer.  We prayed for you today.  July 31, 2013.  Accept Christ in your life, today.


Shanti, dear I know that sometime it gets lonely and sometimes you feel like no one cares.  But we care for you and God do truly care, too.  We prayed for you today.  God hears you and he will help you when you feel lonely.  Did you read what we wrote about loneliness?.  It is under Are you Lonely?  Read what was written.  Go to those scriptures and commit them to your heart.  Also when you are filled with loneliness read  Psalms. You will feel comforted and less lonely.  Psalm 138, 139 are sweet music to your soul.  God bless and keep you. 10-2-2013. 

Accept Christ in your life, today. 

My dear Joyce: Lord I am praying for Joyce today.  She is in so much pain today.  Touch her body, touch her mind and touch her soul.  She is crying out for you and she needs your help and your healing hand on her, right now, Lord.  You have said in your word: That by my stripes YOU ARE Healed.  I declare in the name of Jesus that If you have faith, just as little as a mustard seed, that God is going to heal that pain.  Whether physical or by loneliness, if you trust in Him, He will revive you and put that which you are missing back into your life. That is peace, joy, love and happiness.  Trust me, he says, read my Word daily.  Starting with Matthew, Mark, Luke & John, which tells you why I came to save you, to redeem you for me.  Jesus has said in his Word, that if you accept him, you are his Child and no one can snacth you away from him.  Thank you Lord for listening to this prayer.  Joyce, repeat this word: Lord I love you, Lord I need you. Come into my life today and take away my pain.  I believe that you sent Christ to me and I accept Him in my life today.  In Jesus name Amen. Now, Joyce Rejoice for he has notforgotten Rom. 10:9 

 10-13-2013. Accept Christ in your life, today.

Dear Lord I am praying for Renia she is discouraged because of a broken relationship, help to mend her broken heart, dear Lord.  Help her to remember that you will take care of her, and let her know that if she seek you and your word she will not be lonely, bacause your word and the Holy Spirit that you give to ALL believers will bring comfort to her.  Increase her Faith and give her hope and let her know that she will be okay. In Jesus name we pray.  Amen Read:  Psalms 39:7, Psalms 119:147, Psalms 139 10-31-2013. Accept Christ in your life, today.


For the person who have hurt friends with words and deeds, Dear friend nothing you do surprises God.  He forgives you and he loves you.  Just forgive yourself.  Lord I pray for her and ask you to forgive her.  Help her to start guarding her tongue.  I know that you forgave us our sins and we thank you Lord. Dear one, your sins are forgiven by the Lord.  He died for you and me.  Our slate was wiped clean.  Now God's word says, go and sin no more.  Start by  laboring in Love, for God's word says to love one another.  Also to treat your neighbor as you would treat yourself.  Bless her, Lord and keep her in your loving care, always.  This I pray in Jesus name. Amen Read 2Cor. 12:13 Mark 2:7-forgiveness Phil. 3:13-forget  10-31-2013. Accept Christ in your life, today.


Dear Lord I am praying on behalf of Sal.  Sal wants  to have a husband & a baby, she is very specific.  She called that which is not as if it was.    Please consider and grant her hearts desire.  She did not ask for material things only to be  married and have a child.  Look into her heart dear Lord and grant what she desires.  You said Lord that if we pray and have faith you will give us our hearts desire, if it is in your will.  Lord let your will be done.  You did it for Sarah and Abraham I know you can do it for Sal.  In Jesus name amen.  Sal believe that God can do just what he said he would do.  Trust him.  Read the story of Abrah& Sarah in the book of Genesis.  God bless you dear.  Accept Christ in your life, today.  11-16-2013


Dear God please help Jessie through this difficult time.  Let him/her know that you love him/her. Keep your hedge of protection around him/her and grant peace, love and joy.  Cover him/ her with your angel wings and grant protection.  Let him/her know that nothing is too difficult for you  to handle.  Amen. Jessie surrender your life to him and he will be with you always, He will be your Savior.  Read Joshua 1:9 proverbs 3:5-6 psalm 89:26 luke 1:47. Accept Christ in your life, today.  11-23-2013


Prayer for Val

Dear Lord, please take care of Val in her time of need and insecurity.  She needs you right now, Lord.  She has so much pressure on her, Lord.  She is taking care of her mother, trying to keep her calm, settled down and in her right mind.  Help Val, Lord and keep her in her right mind, and let her realize that you are the one she needs to rely on.  You are the one she needs to turn to.  You are her strength, and you hold her up when she is weak and don't know where to turn.  Help her, Lord to let you be her strength.  Let her know that you are taking care of her mother and her and  always wll.  Calm her down and help her keep a sound mind, because you know what she is going through.  Let her know that you know her inside and out and that you are capable of taking care of her as well as her mother, when no one else will.  She is also concerned about her personal reelationship, too, Lord.  She feels used and abused because of verbal abuse.  We know that verbal abuse is also a form of abuse, too.  Let her know Lord, that she is your child and you will not let her to continue to be verbally abused.  Help her to make good and sound decisions about her life, Lord.  Help her to surrender all of her cares on you, Lord.  Help her to let he Holy Spirit be her guide, and whether she turns to the right or to the left, he will guide her into the truth.  Lord, you have said in your word that you will always give us a way out when we are in trouble.  And that means relationships as well as trials and tribulations.  Let her know that when she is all alone that you are right by her side and covering her with your shield of protection.  Revive her Lord and put your Joy back into her life.  Keep her in perfect peace, Oh Lord.  Amen.  Val, know that the Lord has it all in control.  Read psalms 139 in its entirety.  Over and over until it settles in your mind and soul.  Reading this will make you feel better about yourself and also birng you comfort as wel as support.  Be safe and secure in God's word.  I love you and God do, too.


We have been praying  for Sasha to come back home every since December keep praying that  she will come back home Jan 21

Amber 02.12.2019 10:22

I meant a friend who directed me to spell caster called Dr Dolly online who help people to solve their relationship and marriage problems. I was really skeptic

Louise 04.11.2016 22:49

Also look under praying the Word & under Broken Marriages. Read the scriptures dealing with Marriage. Lord help this husband who want his marriage restored.

Louise 04.11.2016 22:54

Help him be the husband you would have & like him to be. Touch both of them and if at all possible revive their marriage I know you love them
In Jesus name

Scott 03.11.2016 17:30

Me and my wife have been married for 14 years we have 3 boys the oldest is 13 and the youngest is 7 I am 38 and my wife is 31.. We have always had issues with infidelity she would cheat then of course in my defense or so i thought i would seek out revenge

Louise 04.11.2016 22:43

Scott we have been praying about your situation and marriage. We are not marriage counselors, but we do pray that you and your wife will try praying together.

yvonne holmes 02.01.2015 05:32

pray for my grandaughter who ran away to come back home safe her name sasha vazquez please god help us my family broken

teju 24.07.2014 12:11

Please pray for me to restore happiness and blessings into my home

Louise 25.07.2014 01:39

Key for restoring peace love & happiness in his family. Bless them all is my prayer.Amen read Gen.2,23, 24 Ep.5,22,25 &Gen.18,19 God bless you & your family

Louise 25.07.2014 01:29

Teju I pray in the name of Jesus for restoration of your family. Lord he is asking in faith for his family to be restore back to you. For we know that is the

Kimberly 17.05.2014 05:29

Pray for Marriage restoration.

Louise 17.05.2014 15:37

My dear Kimberly we prayed restoration of marriage . Look under praying the word. Broken marriage. We prayed for your well being. God bless you.

suzann 30.07.2013 14:43

Please pray for me. My husband left me for another women. We were married for 35 years. I need prayers for loneliness and finance.

Louise 30.07.2013 21:14

My dear one we prayed for you today. We prayed for you bring left alone and your finance. Read praying the word we talk and pray about these things web page

Kathy 28.06.2013 00:45

Thanks for praying for Kathy Tucker & family finance. I got a breakthrough today. Praises to our King! He is worthy to be praised! Thank you again praying!

Donna 20.09.2012 22:09

Please pray for Keithian Cooper. He is having problems with his liver and they say he might need a liver transplant, but we know the power of God!! Let us join together in prayer for my nephew. He is in a fight for his health. Call all the prayer warriors

Louise 20.09.2012 22:19

Thank you for sending in your prayer request. We prayed for Keithian today...

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Amen and praise The Lord!! Pls pls pray for me to become The Virtuous woman I've been praying and so so badly want to become overnight RIGHT NOW in Jesus Name!!

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I love yall..

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I wouldn't be who I am nor where I am today if it had not been for you. I love you Rev. Kathy Lynn Kennedy Tucker!

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I am praying for somebody I know who lost his way due to ambitious of building a hospital however he has a good intention but his act to make it is undesirable