It Is Time To Pray

Kind regards
Louise Parker

Woman Of God, May I Speak

Dear Woman of Destiny: Prayer: 'There Is A God'Cool

Dear Lord, thank you for creating us to be Women of God.  Thank you for creating us in your image.  But, we know Lord that is not what the world want to see us as.  The world wants to view us as Children of Satan.  It wants to view us as greedy, hungry for power, Jezebels, looking out only for ourselves.  But, Lord we know that we were created for YOU.  So we are letting our little light shine in a world of darkness.  Lord, the world tries to tell us that there is no God.  But, we say, "THERE IS A GOD. 

The message in YOUR WORD says, 'GOD CREATED THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH...then God created man, IN HIS OWN IMAGE'.  God created us as a helpmate.  Dear Lord, we believe that you created us, and we know that You have us in your hands.  We find JOY and CONTENTMENT, in your presence, Lord.  We desire a personal relationship with you, Lord, and we know all we have to do is CALL UPON YOUR NAME (in Jesus name!) AND YOU WILL BE THERE!  Help us spend some time in your WORD.

Thank you Lord for the priviledge of your presence in our lives.  THANK YOU LORD FOR CHOOSING US!  Thank you Lord, for the HOLY SPIRIT, who is our Leader, our Guide, who is our Teacher.  THANK YOU, LORD FOR COMING IN OUR HEARTS, TODAY!  WE GIVE YOU ALL THE HONOR AND THE PRAISE.  IN JESUS NAME.  We can not completely accept God, unless we accept His way of living. IN JESUS NAME.  AMEN

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01.10 | 16:27

Please read these scriptures: Hebrews 11:1, rom.15:13, Prov. 3:5, Phil.4:6 & Rom. 8:16 to be encouraged and have hope while you wait on

01.10 | 16:12

We are praying for your daughter and ask God to take care of her. We are
Praying he will guide her back home again. Jesus died for lost souls. Keep
The faith

01.10 | 12:14

I am praying for my young daughter who has lost her way. She is in a dangerous situation that she cannot see because she is so close.

10.07 | 11:29

Good job.Keep singing! 😇🤗

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