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Welcome to my Page

My name is Louise Parker.  Just a short Bio about what I have done and planning to do next.    I am a Woman of God.  I have prayed for this site and I am still praying that Souls will be saved.  We are called the Women Of Prayer, and we pray all doing the day for people who request prayer.  We also write short responses to the scriptures and post prayers on our web site. 

When God spoke to me about doing this web page, the Holy Spirit said, I want you as my vessel.  Do you believe that I am the Potter and you are the clay?  Then let me mold you in the way I want you to go.  You have pieces over here, pieces over there.  I will make you whole.  Let me build you into a vessel I can use.

God said for the shaping to begin, first you need to step out of the crowd.  You can't do what I want you to do, in the crowd.  So, I stepped out on faith, with this web page.  It was hard at first to step out from the crowd, because you know we love being in the crowd.  But now I am so glad I did, because God is using this web page, to save souls.  I thank God for helping me do this web page. 

I have a double degree from  El Centro College.  I also attended UTA for a year.  I have a degree in Desktop Publishing and Design from an online College.  I love to read God's Word and design Presentations from power point.  I pray something will be said by reading my pages and everyone who is lending a hand by writing a page on this web site and web page.  May God Bless and keep you always.

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08.10 | 03:16

Amen and praise The Lord!! Pls pls pray for me to become The Virtuous woman I've been praying and so so badly want to become overnight RIGHT NOW in Jesus Name!!

06.08 | 15:38

I love yall..

05.08 | 19:30

I wouldn't be who I am nor where I am today if it had not been for you. I love you Rev. Kathy Lynn Kennedy Tucker!

26.02 | 19:31

I am praying for somebody I know who lost his way due to ambitious of building a hospital however he has a good intention but his act to make it is undesirable