Kneel Before God In Prayer

***from my heart***
Evangelist Kathy Tucker

Dear Lord, I thank you for all the peculiar adventurs of my Grandchildren, this summer; who are wondrous and mysterious,who make me gray and tired, and who leads me closer to joy than I have ever been before; especially my Grandaughters. Bless them as they go back to school next week. Keep all the children safe. In Jesus name. Amen!!! :-)


Lord, I pray that--- You would give us Godly leaders in this City and United States. Raise up men and women who believes in You.
Pour your Spirit on this city and state.
Bless us with peace and protection. Show me how I can make a difference in this state, city and my community. In JESUS name Amen & again I SAY Amen!!!
------(Romans 13:3---IPeter 2: 13-14***from my heart***


Heavenly Father, I come before You in Jesus name, with Faith in your promises that whatever I ask in Your name, You will grant it to me; only for the good of my soul and in accordance to Your divine power. I come LORD trusting in your great love for me. I believe that only You know what is best for me. I come to You LORD, asking You to regulate my emotions and my mind, my JESUS. Give me a repentant heart and forgive my sins of omission and commission. Be merciful unto me; help me to realize the blessings that have resulted; and the results to come from every painful experience I have been through, and how my painful experiences have brought me closer to you!!!

Thank You Lord in advance for releasing me from these painful experiences;  and filling the empty spaces of my past with what You have in store for my future.  Thank You for filling all the empty spaces with Your love, peace, joy, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.  Thank You for giving me the powerful presence of Your Holy Spirit in me. I know You will heal me, LORD. And also may others hearts, mind, body and soul; saved and unsaved, will be healed. too. I pray all these blessings in my JESUS, my LORD, my SAVIOR, my REDEEMERS' name.  My GOD’S only begotten Son. AMEN & again I say AMEN!!!***from( the depths of) my heart***

Prayer when FEARFUL***Kneeling in prayer***
LORD, in JESUS name; I don't want to live in fear.  Help me remember to always bring my concerns to You in prayer so that Your peace that surpasses all understanding will permanently reside in my heart.  I draw my strength from You and I refuse to be afraid of.........
Read & Consider--Psalm 34:4***from my heart**


  Praying for DECISIONS---***As I Kneel in Prayer***
LORD GOD, in JESUS name--- I pray that you will give me wisdom and knowledge so I can see Your truth in every situation. Give me discernment for each decision I must make in my daily life. Specifically, I need to know what to do with regards to......... and I will be careful to give You the praise***from my heart***


Forgive us, Father, when we as women let the mirror be our measure of beauty and completeness. Help us to my ourselves whole thru You inside out instead of outside y in. ***from my heart***


 LORD, help me never to stop believing that You care.***from my heart***





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Louise | Reply 19.10.2012 14:30

Good ones! We need more

Louise | Reply 31.08.2012 13:36

Wonderful prayer, sister!

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07.10 | 22:16

Amen and praise The Lord!! Pls pls pray for me to become The Virtuous woman I've been praying and so so badly want to become overnight RIGHT NOW in Jesus Name!!

06.08 | 10:38

I love yall..

05.08 | 14:30

I wouldn't be who I am nor where I am today if it had not been for you. I love you Rev. Kathy Lynn Kennedy Tucker!

26.02 | 13:31

I am praying for somebody I know who lost his way due to ambitious of building a hospital however he has a good intention but his act to make it is undesirable

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